News App Design

Role: UX Designer, Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics

The idea was to create an app that aggregates articles, social media posts and videos to a single, easy to use, location. This was partially created for search engine optimization purposes but to also give quick access to the companies’ content. The original companies name has been removed from this portfolio.

Discipline: Mobile App Design

Client: Genaric News App

Layout Strategy | Having four pages that are easily accessed through four buttons was an early decision in order to make navigation straight forward. Each page shares information in the same layout with hopes of making the user feel comfortable quickly.

Social Media Connection | Whether it was from the company’s blog or their Twitter and Facebook channels, the app with constantly fetch recent posts and tile them by post time directly in the app.

Expand or Visit | Within the app you can expand and contract articles and jump to the original post. You also see social media read and action counts. When you visit the original post, you are given the option to perform your own actions on the post.

Watch Videos | Video content is embedded and can be played inside the app. Videos are fetched from the companies' video channels.

save Favorites | By selecting the favorite icon, all content within the app can be easily filed and removed from the favorites page. This is great for content you wish to engage with at a later time.

Video Promo | After designing the app I created a video promo that quickly showed viewers how easily they could interact with the companies’ new app and where they can find it.

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