Drake House website Design

Role: UI Designer, Web Developer

These rentals are truly unique to the area so the goal was to display their diversity. It was also important to encourage the website visitors to visit Drake House's rental pages.

Discipline: Website Creation

Client: Drake House Stay

Three Icons | It was important to the owner that the room diversity was very prevalent. I designed three icons that symbolized what these rooms were about.

Intermediary | The owner wanted this site to be a one stop information booth for visitors with the primary goal to be to redirect them to an external site that is facilitating a night stay. With this in mind I decided to make the rental services very visible and easy to access.

High Quality Representation | The rooms are gorgeous but tell the viewer about them simply isn't enough. I made it a point to capture each area in its best light to be shared with visitors on Drake House's website. I wanted to paint a warm and open environment that every potential costumer would be delighted to stay in.

Sell the Destination | Through my research I have learned that the surrounding area is what brings visitors to the site in the first place. I created a simple map that noted special points of interest that within a short walk or driving distance. This provides further justification that everything you came to visit is within arms reach.

Mobile and Desktop | Today a large amount of traffic to websites is on a mobile device. It is important to build multiple versions of the site that accommodates each user. I keep the experience just as powerful no mater what device.

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